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    Ask and you shall receive

    Simply connect your preferred accounting software to your preferred message platform and Skyler is ready to help


    Any Accounting package,

    any message Platform

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    Advise your accounting platform (eg. Xero, MYOB, Sage, Saasu) and your preferred message service (eg. Messenger, Slack, SMS, Skype) in the message box and we will connect you up.

  • Skyler - accounting as you need it!

    Answer key questions for your business on the move

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    Key figures at hand

    Your numbers, at call

    Chat in a channel or private DM with Skyler. She's an 'always on' bookkeeper who helps you out. Answers always at your fingertips for your advisers, accountants or bank managers. She can tell you a lot about your business...just ask.

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    Key info, when you need it

    Have some, or all, of your key regular queries turned into daily, weekly or monthly updates to your DM or channel. Build team momentum with daily sales figures, invoices to followup, or overdue bills to pay.

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    Make more money!

    Skyler advises, if you let her

    Skyler can not only report your numbers, but over time can suggest improvements that would help your business. Pricing, margins, cashflow management, debt optimisation, client retention and more...